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California's First 5 county commissions advocate for linking #preK and #K12 data to boost student success--coordination across our education systems is key to providing children with a high quality continuum of learning https://t.co/2YwcegBFPx via @EducationDive #ECE

My kid started Kindergarten this year and so I HAVE THOUGHTS on this topic!

Kindergarten Homework: Too Much Too Early? https://t.co/UbqHO4XNaS via @educationweek

Many of our nation's newly elected state leaders ran on platforms of expanding #childcare and #earlyeducation--it's critical that our leaders continue to prioritize access to high-quality early childhood programs, for all children and families! https://t.co/37YN0caH4s @amprog

"While #childcare shortages for infants and toddlers exist everywhere, they are especially pronounced in rural areas and counties with lower median family incomes" https://t.co/4PIln7UNLx @amprog

"Teacher-guided play that includes identifying problems encourages children to become critical observers of their surroundings. The aim is strengthening children’s disposition to seek and embrace complex challenges." https://t.co/IzPsl2h7zn

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