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Love to read about creative, community-centered efforts to turn public spaces and everyday activities into opportunities to enhance children's learning or development, and strengthen parent-child relationships https://t.co/19qUAlNI1B @qz

"Learning through #play harnesses the power of children’s #imagination and inspires active engagement with the material" Read more from @RebeccaWinthrop and the Center for Universal Education at @BrookingsInst https://t.co/iMtK7YzLIa #PlayfulLearning

"If we’re not creating mechanisms where families trying to get ahead can do it, we’re limiting economic growth for ourselves as a country" https://t.co/DpgXLTwOhK #AffordableChildCare @urbaninstitute @lrmongeau

Tennessee schools are making the case for why school-based #childcare is key to increasing teacher retention--making the choice between being a great parent and a great teacher “feel like an 'and' choice, not an 'or' choice” https://t.co/15NXBdzwc6 @Tennessean @JamieMcGee_

Thank you, teachers, for shaping the future of the next generation!


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